School starts

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Today is the first day for the Spring semester.  The courses are hard.

Juggling among work, study and life, I know I should let go one of them.  Cannot let go of life, but that is which I made the most sacrifices.  Between work and school, I know which one is the right choice.  However, I don’t have the courage to hand in the letter.  Not until I get my approval for taking the license exam.  I begin to suspect this is just an excuse I give myself not to do the right thing.


Trouble from Speech

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Two weeks ago, I call an idea that my friend was considering “pathetic”.  The next day, she messaged me saying that it was hurtful that I call her “p”.  It just happened that I woke up in deep depression that morning that I could barely control my tear.  I told her I was sorry and I didn’t really think of her that way.  She didn’t believe me.  I sent a massage to her this weekend, she responded coldly.

Now, I think back.  She first used the “p” word to describe an idea I suggested.  Now, I feel hurt that it is alright for her to use the same word to describe my idea and it is hurtful to her that I used the same word to describe hers.  Actually, she thinks I call her “p”, but in the logic of LSAT I was talking about the idea, not the person.  Well, since neither I nor she is going to work in the legal field, LSAT logic doesn’t help.

I got my mom upset this weekend because of a word I used.  She thought that I told her to die.  After 3 days not talking to me, tonight she finally told me the real reason.  I thought it was the way I spoke got her upset.  I don’t even remember the exact word I said.  After breaking the silent tonight, she forgave me.

It may seem to them that my speeches were full of venom, but I had no ill-intent in both cases.


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I was feeling cheerful yesterday.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because it was Friday.

Fridays are great, because you know the weekends are coming.  Mondays are usually worst.   I think most of the people are like me.

Recently a colleague retired.  I never directly talked to him.  Some people said that he used to looked forward to Mondays and didn’t like Fridays because he lived alone.   The rumor was that he finally turned in the paper because he had a new wife.  He was 76.  After his official final day, I still saw him in the office for 2 weeks.

Someone told me that years ago there was a retiree who used to come to the office everyday for 2 years.  He finally stopped after the manager told him that he could not do that any more.

Around the country, many people cannot afford to retire even they want to.  Many old people have to come out of retirement because they lost a significant portion of their asset.  No in my office.  We have pension.  The older they are, the better pension plan.  In fact, they are losing money because they are still contributing to the fund.

Many people in the office afraid to retire because they don’t know what to do when they don’t have to come into the office everyday.  The old folks in the office don’t do anything anyway.  They just enjoy the companionship.  They have coffee, read the news, chat with other old folks and do other personal things.

That is really sad.  I hope I will not become one of them.

Hello world!

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