A Working Father!

Last month was graduation season.  Some of guys in the office were showing off the success stories of their offspring.  ‘My son got his residency.’  ‘My son is graduating from Columbia.’

It is understandable that a father is proud of his son.  However, what did these fathers do to have their children to be proud of them???  Needless to say that nobody ask this question in the office.  I am sure that the children were once asked what their father do.  Should he tell his son that the biggest success in his life was that he conceived the mother of a doctors or a financier.

If the children ever asked their father what he do at work, the truth was he would arrived the office; fixed the coffee, tea or whatever; skimmed through the newspaper; and discussed the latest and hottest news with other fathers. When the clock ticked to the exact minute, they would walk out of the office and return home to see the sweet faces of his children.

Of course no one would ever tell the truth to the children.  They want their children to be proud of them.  So the standard answer would be “I make the society better!  I am a public servant.”


~ by Sunny on August 3, 2010.

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