“Go back to your country”

This country was established by immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.  There were always issues regarding who should be allowed to come (before there were national immigration policies) or gain entry (a legal term?) to the United States.  In different times, this immigration status varied.  When laborers were wanted, people were imported via indentured services , slave trades, or immigration that allured by the advertisement of the goodness of this country.

At difficult times, people (many immigrants themselves) repeatedly tried to rolled back the welcome mat.  The German, the Scandinavian, the Irish, the Italian, the Eastern European, the Jewish, the Chinese, the Japanese, the African, and the Latin Americans have experienced discrimination and were told to go back to where they came from.  Historically, all these effort failed to stop immigrants trying to come to this country.

The funniest story I have heard was a descendant of native Indians was told to go back to his country.  That would incur a debate of another topic.

This is a free market society.  If there is no need/market for their labor, many illegal immigrants would not be able to find work.  To starve off this illegal labor market, the law enforcement should target the local business.  So far, that policy also failed.

The current immigration policy definitely has flaws.  (Which policy doesn’t?) However, forcefully lock them up, kick them out is NOT the solution.  And the history proved that these methods simply DON’T WORK!


~ by Sunny on May 2, 2010.

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