Incompetent “politician” at work!

Certainly working with idiots can kill you.  Nonetheless, you are more likely surrounded by jerks and incompetent co-workers, or even worse, you boss.

If they have the technical knowledge about what they are paid to be done, then stick with the decision and defend it when it is questioned.  The ongoing projects are often just copied and pasted from the previous ones.  Back and forth to change this and that, such that when the big bosses (who are better “politicians,” but have no better technical knowledge) question the details, the best defense is that it was used in so and so projects before!

Office politic my ass! They have no gut to call the shot.  When some idiots ask some ridiculous questions, they run around like chicken running without heads to look up what was or was not in the contract book.

Everyone wants the $$, but not the responsibilities.  Too bad.  That’s what you get.

Even worse, they are my bosses and co-workers.


~ by Sunny on February 1, 2010.

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