Trouble from Speech

Two weeks ago, I call an idea that my friend was considering “pathetic”.  The next day, she messaged me saying that it was hurtful that I call her “p”.  It just happened that I woke up in deep depression that morning that I could barely control my tear.  I told her I was sorry and I didn’t really think of her that way.  She didn’t believe me.  I sent a massage to her this weekend, she responded coldly.

Now, I think back.  She first used the “p” word to describe an idea I suggested.  Now, I feel hurt that it is alright for her to use the same word to describe my idea and it is hurtful to her that I used the same word to describe hers.  Actually, she thinks I call her “p”, but in the logic of LSAT I was talking about the idea, not the person.  Well, since neither I nor she is going to work in the legal field, LSAT logic doesn’t help.

I got my mom upset this weekend because of a word I used.  She thought that I told her to die.  After 3 days not talking to me, tonight she finally told me the real reason.  I thought it was the way I spoke got her upset.  I don’t even remember the exact word I said.  After breaking the silent tonight, she forgave me.

It may seem to them that my speeches were full of venom, but I had no ill-intent in both cases.


~ by Sunny on November 11, 2009.

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