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Another fat butt squeezed in. Yes, there was a bit of space at a bench for three because the three Chinese ladies sitting on it were all skinny. ‘Excuse me’ was not a universal pass for bullying.

Maybe it was the coffee; Maybe it was the inspiration from my American history lessons, I spoke up for them after the ladies failed to complete their protest in English.

The Chinese is known for their civility, i.e. not to raise voice in the public, especially when facing an African American woman. There were plenty of people in the train. After I confronted the butt snuggler, the young Chinese guy standing next us watched the entire incident then shook his head. I don’t know if he disapproved the bullying, the ladies not be able to defend themselves, or my public discourse.


God damn scrooges

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It’s kind of me to celebrate my achievement and my culture by buying bagels and donuts. It’s foolish of me to share them with the scrooges. They can just congratulate me and say thank you then nothing more! Instead I got ‘where’s the bagel?’ ‘where’s the donut?’ days after. Joke or no joke, it’s god damn annoying to keep hearing these requests when my pay check is the smallest in the office. They NEVER share anything. I was not looking for anything from them. I only get the sweets once a year to celebrate my culture. However, these question mocks my kindness and my friendliness.

A moral life doesn’t ease anything!

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What is the meaning to live an ethical life? Does the end justify the mean? It known that many people got ahead by spying, back stabbing, be little others or having sex. Scholars condemned these actions. But is it really matters? You either victimize others or be victimized. The world is unfair. I live a moral life now, work hard, got praise and empty promises. I really hurt to witness people materializing by ‘working hard’ with the bosses.

Moving Out

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Finally, I am moving out!

I am excited, anxious and feeling poor. For some people, I am throwing good money away. The rent is not cheap. However, I kept reminding myself what good is it if the money cannot buy me happiness.

A Working Father!

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Last month was graduation season.  Some of guys in the office were showing off the success stories of their offspring.  ‘My son got his residency.’  ‘My son is graduating from Columbia.’

It is understandable that a father is proud of his son.  However, what did these fathers do to have their children to be proud of them???  Needless to say that nobody ask this question in the office.  I am sure that the children were once asked what their father do.  Should he tell his son that the biggest success in his life was that he conceived the mother of a doctors or a financier.

If the children ever asked their father what he do at work, the truth was he would arrived the office; fixed the coffee, tea or whatever; skimmed through the newspaper; and discussed the latest and hottest news with other fathers. When the clock ticked to the exact minute, they would walk out of the office and return home to see the sweet faces of his children.

Of course no one would ever tell the truth to the children.  They want their children to be proud of them.  So the standard answer would be “I make the society better!  I am a public servant.”

“Go back to your country”

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This country was established by immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.  There were always issues regarding who should be allowed to come (before there were national immigration policies) or gain entry (a legal term?) to the United States.  In different times, this immigration status varied.  When laborers were wanted, people were imported via indentured services , slave trades, or immigration that allured by the advertisement of the goodness of this country.

At difficult times, people (many immigrants themselves) repeatedly tried to rolled back the welcome mat.  The German, the Scandinavian, the Irish, the Italian, the Eastern European, the Jewish, the Chinese, the Japanese, the African, and the Latin Americans have experienced discrimination and were told to go back to where they came from.  Historically, all these effort failed to stop immigrants trying to come to this country.

The funniest story I have heard was a descendant of native Indians was told to go back to his country.  That would incur a debate of another topic.

This is a free market society.  If there is no need/market for their labor, many illegal immigrants would not be able to find work.  To starve off this illegal labor market, the law enforcement should target the local business.  So far, that policy also failed.

The current immigration policy definitely has flaws.  (Which policy doesn’t?) However, forcefully lock them up, kick them out is NOT the solution.  And the history proved that these methods simply DON’T WORK!

Incompetent “politician” at work!

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Certainly working with idiots can kill you.  Nonetheless, you are more likely surrounded by jerks and incompetent co-workers, or even worse, you boss.

If they have the technical knowledge about what they are paid to be done, then stick with the decision and defend it when it is questioned.  The ongoing projects are often just copied and pasted from the previous ones.  Back and forth to change this and that, such that when the big bosses (who are better “politicians,” but have no better technical knowledge) question the details, the best defense is that it was used in so and so projects before!

Office politic my ass! They have no gut to call the shot.  When some idiots ask some ridiculous questions, they run around like chicken running without heads to look up what was or was not in the contract book.

Everyone wants the $$, but not the responsibilities.  Too bad.  That’s what you get.

Even worse, they are my bosses and co-workers.